Biblically Based:

Our goal is to educate your child's mind as well as their heart.  As a staff, we meet weekly to pray over our school and the community.  We also form friendship groups within the student body to promote healthy, Christian fellowship from grades PreKindergarten through 8th grade.  Our school is much more than a school that provides an extra Bible class; we provide teachers that love to minister to the kids in our rooms.  Our weekly chapels are a great time of praise and hearing God's Word.  All the glory goes to Him for the great things He has done in our community. 


Educational Excellence:

Our qualified teachers strive to meet all state standards and to provide a rigorous education that equips each student for high school.  We seek training often through our partnership with the Christian Learning Center, as well as staff inservice days.  Our resource personnel is available to help those students who need extra love and support, as well as assist the teachers that love them in their classrooms.  Our focus is continually on new curriculum and methods to best reach today's students.