Q. What grade-levels does Lamont Christian School offer?

A. Preschool mornings (T/TH); half-day PreKindergarten (M/W/F); full-day Kindergarten (M/W/F); and exemplary elementary and middle school education 1st-8th grades.

Q. What curriculum does Lamont Christian School teach?

A. In addition to a comprehensive and robust program of language arts, math, science, social studies, and Bible, our students attend classes in STEM, technology, music, choir, band, art, and physical education. Through project-based and hands-on learning, students tackle a challenging academic curriculum in ways that are purposeful and engaging, adaptable to a variety of learning styles, and fun. Our curriculum exceeds the state of Michigan educational standards. Detailed monthly “maps” that describe the curriculum in detail are available for every grade level.

Q. How does Lamont score on standardized tests?

A. Our standardized test scores are among the highest in the region. Our first graders, who test at grade-level, score 1 to 1 ½ grades above national average when tested in the 4th grade, and they graduate 1 ½ to 2 grades ahead of other students nationwide when tested in the 8th grade. In other words, students who progress through the grades at Lamont Christian School continually accelerate their academic progress. Our 1st through 8th grade students are tested for adequate yearly progress in twenty-one academic areas in the fall of every year.

Q. What athletics and activities does Lamont offer students?

A. To stimulate a spirit of Christ-like community, school spirit, and fun, we offer students a wide variety of after-school sports, activities, and clubs. A member of the Christian Athletic League, Lamont offers middle school girls and boys basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball league teams. All who try out for the middle school team may participate; there are no “cuts.” In addition, LCS students have the opportunity to join Unity Christian's middle school teams for football, cross country, swimming, tennis, track, bowling, and boys baseball.

In addition, we offer multiple activities and field trips for elementary and middle school students are various ages, such as 4-H, middle school intramurals, spelling bee, Photography club, and service learning, for several examples.

Q. Does Lamont offer special education programs?

A. Yes. Through our affiliation with the Christian Learning Center, Lamont Christian provides resource room “pull-out” support for small groups of students alongside a regular classroom inclusion program. Because we believe that every child is gifted by God with special talents and with special needs, we seek to accentuate each student’s strengths while bolstering their weaknesses. We aim to provide a Christ-focused, challenging academic education for children from as many backgrounds and abilities as we can possibly serve.

Q. Are Lamont Christian School’s teachers certified?

A. Yes. Our teachers are all professionally certified by the state of Michigan. All have attained a teaching degree from an accredited college or university. In addition, LCS teachers eagerly participate in professional development opportunties each year to stay current on best practices in education. Most important, our teachers love kids, have an exemplary moral character, and walk alongside their students to encourage their academic, social, physical, and Christian growth.

Q. Is Lamont Christian School run by a church?

A. We are an independent Christian school, partnering with regional churches and families in the raising of our children. We are governed by a seven-member school board that is elected by the parents of children who are enrolled in the school itself, to serve a three-year term. We accept children from any families who indicate their agreement with our statement of faith. Our families are members of more than 15 area churches.

Q. Is Lamont Christian School affiliated with any organizations?

A. We are life long members of Christian Schools International, one of the three oldest organizations of private schools worldwide, and M-A-N-S, the Michigan Association of Non-public Schools. In addition, we are one of seven Eastern Ottawa (County) Christian Schools, which includes Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville and we are also members of the Christian Athletic League.

Q. Does Lamont Christian School offer busing?

A. Yes. We run our own buses and hire our own drivers. Our buses serve an area that extends ten miles in every direction from Lamont, and that reaches Grand Rapids, Walker, Coopersville, Allendale, Marne, Eastmanville, Tallmadge, and Lamont, as well as Polkton, Tallmadge, and Wright Townships.

Q. Where is Lamont Christian School located?

A. Our beautiful, ten-acre campus is located on the south side of Leonard Street in Lamont, ¼ mile west of 48th Avenue:

  1. Grades
  2. Courses
  3. Test Scores
  4. Extra-Curricular Programs
  5. Special Education
  6. Certification
  7. Governance
  8. Affiliations
  9. Transportation
  10. Location
    • Two miles south of the I-96/48th Avenue exit,
    • Two miles south of Coopersville,
    • Two miles east of Eastmanville, and
    • Two miles west of Tallmadge;
    • Four miles west of Walker,
    • Four miles south-west of Marne, and
    • Four miles north-east of Allendale;
    • Six miles south of Conklin, and
    • Six miles west of Grand Rapids;
    • Eight miles south-east of Nunica.