2nd Grade Curriculum



Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Sample Instructional Activities/Assessments
Learn God’s promises.
Understand that God’s promises are for us today, too.
What promises has God made to His people?
Why did He make these promises?
What promises does he make to us?   Why?
Daily Bible lessons
Promises project
Promises mobile
Construct meaning and fluency in reading literature.
How can we build on our understandings of reading to understand what we read?
How can we become more fluent readers? 
Shared readings
Read alouds
DIBELS tests
Use words to strengthen comprehension and meanings.
What are some key words (theme words) used in stories?
How can we use stories to help us understand unfamiliar words?
Stoplight vocabulary
Introduce the parts of speech.
Deepen understanding and use of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
How do we use the parts of speech to form correct sentences and speech?
Mad libs
Group practice
Learn the writing process; study author’s purpose.
Review sentence-writing, and introduce paragraph-writing.
How do we use sentences to form paragraphs?
Why do authors write different styles of writing?
“Animal Tracks” booklet
Descriptive “shape” writing
Deepen understanding of addition and subtraction, time and money.
Introduce and practice fractions and measurements.
What does it mean to add and subtract?
How do we use money?   Why do we use money?
How do we use clocks?
Workbook sheets
Math Soup magazines
Explore the purposes and wonders of God’s creation in the areas of rocks, nutrition, animals, and energy.
How can we use our understanding of rocks, nutrition, animals, and energy to praise our Creator?
AIMS journals
Social Studies
Learn and apply the eight strands of social studies, focusing on the area of peoples (communities) and human-environment interaction.
How do we live in community?
How do communities differ?
How do God’s people form a Christian community?
2nd grade mall
Christian Conduct
We do our best, “working as unto our Lord.”
Did we do our best for God today?
Clean up our classroom and playground

*In combination classes, Bible curriculum, Reading novels, Social Studies and Science units, and other activities that are not reflected on this Grade-Level Subject Summary Map may be replaced by or conjoined with that of an adjacent grade-level.