3rd Grade Curriculum



Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Sample Instructional Activities/Assessments
God calls His people apart, and He leads them to the promised land.
How does our understanding of the Israelites and their journey to the promised land bring us closer to God?
Nomad project
Build meaning and fluency in reading literature.
How can we learn and apply strategies to build comprehension/fluency?
Shared readings
Read alouds
DIBELS tests
Use words to strengthen comprehension and meanings.
What are some key words (theme words) used in stories?
How can we use stories to help us understand unfamiliar words?
Stoplight vocabulary
Introduce the parts of speech.
Deepen understanding and use of adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs.
How do we use the parts of speech to form correct sentences and speech?
Mad libs
Group practice
Apply the writing process; adapt style and form to content.
Deepen paragraph-writing.
How do we adapt our writing to convey our thoughts in the most appropriate way?  
What ideas are best communicated in each forms/style?
Speech bubble writing
Nomad information writing
Fractured fairy tale writing
Further apply our learning of addition, subtraction, and fractions.
Introduce multiplication, division, and decimals.
What does it mean to multiply and divide?
How can we apply math practices in the outside world?
“Ice cream” multiplication
Explore the purposes and wonders of God’s creation in these areas: water and the water cycle, machines that work, electricity, five senses, and body parts.
How does understanding water, machines, electricity, the senses, and our bodies lead us to know and praise our Creator?
Friction race
Social Studies
Deepen our understandings of the eight strands of social studies, especially as they apply to peoples and communities.
What key components form a community?
How do communities differ?
How do God’s people form a Christian community?
3rd grade mall
Christian Conduct
We do our best, “working as unto our Lord.”
Did we do our best for God today?
Clean up our classroom and school grounds

*In combination classes, Bible curriculum, Reading novels, Social Studies and Science units, and other activities that are not reflected on this Grade-Level Subject Summary Map may be replaced by or conjoined with that of an adjacent grade-level.