4th Grade Curriculum



Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Sample Instructional Activities/Assessments
God keeps His promises to Israel, Samuel, and David.
Why does God keep promises?
How is He sovereign?
What does this mean for us today?
Bible review of Joshua, Judges, I & 2 Kings, Daniel
Daily lessons
God’s gift of language is fun, rich, and amazing.
How can literature show us and teach us?
Textbook lessons
Read Chronicles of Narnia and Charlotte’s Web
Use words to strengthen comprehension and meanings.
How can we all develop our gift of spelling?
Weekly enriched lessons, tests
Language should make sense and have a purpose.
Learn, apply, and compare/contrast the parts of speech.
How does language work?
Supplemented grammar lessons
Reports, stories, essays, and poems each have a distinct style and pattern.
Editing final copies is essential to communicating clearly and correctly.
How can we communicate clearly and richly through each style and pattern of writing?
Why is editing essential?
Daily lessons
Deep learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts reveals beautiful order and symmetry.
How does math reflect God’s order and plans?
Daily lessons
God’s creation is rich and awesome in the area of Life Science.
It is a joy to study, organize, and understand insects, spiders, plants, food, and nutrition.
How can we better appreciate God’s creation?
Daily lessons
Social Studies
The state of Michigan has a rich history and many gifts of people and resources.
How does Michigan’s history show God’s plan and purpose?
Textbook lessons
Christian Conduct
How can we live according to God’s plan?
How can we J-O-Y?
How do we let people go?
Expressions of love and service to those who have lost loved ones or who are sick.
Clean up our classroom and the lunch room.

*In combination classes, Bible curriculum, Reading novels, Social Studies and Science units, and other activities that are not reflected on this Grade-Level Subject Summary Map may be replaced by or conjoined with that of an adjacent grade-level.