At Lamont, we provide exemplary elementary and middle school programs of education in the 1st through 8th grades, Kindergarten, and 3-school and Preschool. Our curriculum skillfully weaves His grace and truth in to the artistic and practical disciplines of everyday academics. Students learn to follow His leading, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others through a robust and comprehensive program of language arts, math, science, social studies, and Bible, as well as Spanish, technology, music, choir, band, art, and physical education.

Through project-based and hands-on learning, students tackle a challenging academic curriculum in ways that are purposeful and engaging, adaptable to a variety of learning styles, and fun. Our curriculum exceeds the state of Michigan educational standards. Detailed monthly “maps” that describe the curriculum in detail are available for every grade level.

Our standardized test scores are among the highest in the region. Our first graders, who test at grade-level, score 1 to 1 ½ grades above national average when tested in the 4th grade, and they graduate 1 ½ to 2 grades ahead of other students nationwide when tested in the 8th grade. In other words, students who progress through the grades at Lamont Christian School continually accelerate their academic progress. Our 1st through 8th grade students are tested for adequate yearly progress in twenty-one academic areas in the fall of every year.

Through our affiliation with the Christian Learning Center, Lamont provides resource room “pull-out” support for small groups of students alongside a regular classroom inclusion program. Because we believe that every child is gifted by God with special talents and with special needs, we seek to accentuate each student’s strengths while bolstering their weaknesses. We aim to provide a Christ-focused, challenging academic education for children from many different backgrounds and abilities.