Kindergarten at LCS

Offering your child a spectacular place to grow and learn is the true passion of the Kindergarten program and teachers at LCS. From the curriculum to the environment, everything is carefully selected and presented with the needs of the child in mind. Developmentally appropriate schedules, lessons, and activities all work in harmony with a Christ centered approach to learning to create the best possible experience for your child.

We offer a three full day program at Lamont, knowing that while young children need structure and regular routine, it can be overwhelming to be in school full time. While meeting and exceeding state and common core standards, we offer an option that lets children ease into the reality of being in school all day every day in the years to come. Lamont’s early learning options are designed to be a “half-step from home” while giving each child a giant step toward life long learning, Christian faith development, and social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth.

Kindergarten meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8:25-3:20