Kindergarten Curriculum



Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Sample Instructional Activities/Assessments
Jesus knows me and loves me.
God created the world.
God gives me friends and family.
How do we know Jesus loves us?
Who made our world?
How can we help our family, friends, and world?
Recognize that God loves us so much that he gave His only son to die for our sins.
Practice loving God and others, too.
We know how to construct meanings.
We learn how to handle and care for books.
We read stories.
What are words for?
How do we retell a story?
How do we hold a book?   Where is the title?
Weekly reading a story book
Activities to explore literature and learning to read concepts together
Learn and practice twenty high-frequency words.
Study vocabulary that is integrated with daily lessons.
Do you know what this word means?
Identify vocabulary words in stories
Play games that use words
Practice the words in writing
Understand rhymes, beginning sounds, and blends.
What makes words rhyme?
What sound(s) does each letter signify?
How are words formed with letters and their sounds?
Signal and say sounds
Practice pronunciation
Drawing conveys meanings.
Letters and words convey writing and communicate meanings.
Can you draw a picture to tell an idea or story?
Can you write the sounds you hear to tell a story?
Drawing and writing responses to every weekly story
Shared writing
Learn numbers 1-100.
Use addition and subtraction concepts and numbers.
Introduce patterns, graphs, time, and money.
Can you count to 100?
What does a number mean?
How do you form groups?
Count objects
Form groups, add and subtract with manipulatives
God made our world, the weather and seasons, all animals, and day and night.
Identify and learn why things sink and float.
What are the seasons?
How are animals alike and different?
What things float and sink?   Why?
Booklet of the seasons
Predict, demonstrate, and tally items that float and sink
Social Studies
Learn about our physical world and its inhabitants both near and far.
Who are your friends and family?
Where do you live in the world?
What jobs do people have?
Read story books
Draw pictures
Group activities
Christian Conduct
We tell God’s good news to others.
Learn to be a good friend and a contributing classroom citizen.
What does it mean to be a good friend?
How do we practice being a classroom citizen?
Classroom meetings
Clean up after ourselves and others
Visit a rest home