Preschool for 3's and 4's at LCS

Children in Lamont's Early Childhood Programs experience exceptional education based on Biblical perspective and age appropriate, differentiated instruction

Early childhood education at Lamont Christian School is seen as a continuum of growth and development. Children begin their educational journey in preschool. Three and Four year olds meet together in our Preschool classroom with similar, yet developing goals. Our Preschool classroom was developed specifically for the little ones who are venturing in to the school experience for the first time. That being said, the primary goal for our three year old Preschool students is to become socially successful.  We pay special attention to getting the child used to being in the school setting by focusing on important social skills such as separation from the care giver, participating appropriately in a group setting, taking turns, listening to others, problem solving, and making new friends. Knowing that four year olds have the ability to concentrate for a longer period of time, we begin to focus on some early academic skills. Children are given age appropriate activities and opportunities to work on letters and numbers, fine motor skills in cutting and pasting, and practice with art materials and writing.  In Preschool, four year olds are asked to work independently for brief periods of time.  Preschool students enjoy time outdoors with their teacher and aid and have their own age appropriate playground, as well as participate in several field trips throughout the year. Parents provide transportation for preschoolers to and from school. Children will then easily transition to Pre-K.

Our class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:45-11:15am.