Lamont welcomes applications for students in preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or 1st-8th grades, year-round, based on availability. To apply for admission, print and send your application. Please phone our school office at (616) 677-1757 or email us at; we are happy to assist you with any questions.

You’ll find a Lamont Christian education very affordable for the exemplary Christian education we provide. Tuition is kept low through seasonal fundraisers, including a summer food booth at the Berlin Fair, a Harvest Auction in the fall, and an annual Fund Drive in the winter, as well as the TRIP program.

In addition, we provide a “sliding scale” of tuition fees for those families who have more than one school-aged child enrolled at Lamont, so that all may benefit from the priceless blessings of a Lamont Christian education. A smorgasbord of payment plan options is designed to make our private Christian education accessible to all.

Our 2022/23 Tuition Scale:

Preschool - $840

Prek - $1,250

K - $3,875

1 FT Student - $6,720

K+ 1 FT Student - $10,500

2 FT Student - $12,850

K + 2FT Students - $16,515

3 FT Students and all the rest of the levels are $17,690

Bussing: See form.

2022 -2023 Enrollment Application Form