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Lamont Christian School (updated April 11, 2022)

Currently in Quarantine = 0 students/ 0 Staff             2022 YTD, have been in Quarantine = 9

Currently Positive = 0 students / 0 staff                       2022 YTD have tested positive = 3


Lamont Christian School Covid Response and Prevention Plans 2021/22 School Year

The LCS School Board and the principal will continue to communicate with the local Health Department and other Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools in regards to COVID-19 responses. We will continue to monitor and make decisions that we feel are best for both the physical and mental health of LCS students and staff.


Below we have information that is important for you to know as well as plans for the 2021-2022 school year. Please be aware that things may change, and that our number one goal is to continue to educate our children in a biblical Christ-centered world view, and to do so in person (as it is clearly the best way to educate children).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – The CDC strongly recommends the general use of masks while inside to prevent the spreading of the airborne virus, however the previous Ottowa Health Department Mask Mandate/order for schools (JK - 6th grade) has since expired (Jan 2022).

COVID symptom monitoring – LCS staff is expected to self-monitor daily for COVID symptoms. Additionally, parents are expected to monitor students daily for COVID symptoms. If a student is not feeling well, please keep them home for the well being of others.

Cleaning and Disinfecting – Desktops, computers, and tabletop surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly to help mitigate the spread of any viruses by students and staff. The staff and cleaning crew will also use a disinfectant that is specifically effective against COVID-19.

Ventilation – As much as possible, teachers will be encouraged to keep doors and windows open to allow for the movement of air through the classrooms. We also have HEPA filter air purifiers in each classroom to improve air quality.

Positive COVID cases and Close Contacts – Positive COVID cases will have to be quarantined/ isolated at home as prescribed by the health department and must have at least 1 day (24hrs) of feeling well before they return to school.
The health department is no longer requiring close contact tracing. However, if we faithfully self monitor our health and wellbeing, and by sending only healthy kids to school, we will hopefully have minimal situations where there are positive COVID-19 cases within the school. This is our greatest prevention opportunity.

Vaccinations – Vaccinations are strongly encouraged by the health department to mitigate the spread of COVID.
|However, they will not be mandatory for students and staff.

How to Pray:

We continue to pray to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, that the Holy Spirit will work on earth to have mercy on us and end this pandemic.
We pray for faith and trust to persevere in all circumstances, including this pandemic.
We move forward in the knowledge and understanding that “God Is Good – all the time!”
We will continue to teach and preach the gospel to our students, we will live out the great commandment, and follow the great commission; now and as long as we live!


Managing covid Exposure rev jan 31 2022