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Friday mornings we meet as a whole school to worship together & hear God's message as a body of believers.  Chapels are lead by local Pastors, Community Members, Teachers, & Schoolmates.  

We welcome all families & supporters to join us Fridays at 8:40am.


Community Involvement

CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING. National Honor Society students assist in decorating Christmas tress at the Coopersville Farm Museum by decorating our very own LCS Tree.

COOPERSVILLE CHRISTMAS PARADE. Our yellow bus, with rainbow colored lights filled with LCS kids is one way to spread God's joy through the streets of Coopersville.

LAMONT LUMINARIES. Middle School students assemble luminaries in time for Christmas.

GREEN ACRES. Elementary students visit the elderly at Green Acres to read stories & build relationships.

SPRING CLEAN-UP. Middle School students along with the Lamont Civic Association spend several hours helping with the spring cleanup at the Lamont Community Park and the Rollenhagen House in Eastmanville.

GVSU. Elementary students spend a number of weeks at GVSU to take part in their PE courses lead by GVSU students.