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Lamont Christian School Rental Fees
5260 Leonard Rd.
Coopersville MI 49404
Gym Rental                                                                       Supporting Group Fee                Non-Supporting Group Fee
Athletic Events: Basketball, Volleyball, etc.                     1-5 persons $9.00 per hr                          $14.00 per hr.
                                                                                         6 or more $12.00 per hr                           $20.00 per hr.
Family Reunions etc.(up to 5 hrs.)                                             $55.00                                                  $85.00
Hostess Suppers, Banquets, Soup Suppers, Receptions 
Up to 200 people                                                                          $70.00                                                  $95.00
Over 200 people                                                                           $80.00                                                 $105.00
Religious Services $0.00 $75.00
Kitchen Usage: Fees in addition to gym rental:
Light use (Oven, Refrigerator, Coffee urns)                               $8.00                                                      $15.00
Heavy Use Food Preparation                                                     $35.00                                                      $50.00

Be sure to contact the school office to check date availablity.  Completed rental form and payment will hold your reservation. The office can contacted at (616) 677-1757 or by email at 

Note: Whoever is putting on supper, banquet, reception, reunion or similar activities is responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs.
Rental payment must be made at least one week prior to the event. If payment is not received one week prior, the event will be considered cancelled.